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Spree Commerce is the automated enterprise solution that manages all aspects of your back-end operations, so you can focus on serving customers and ...

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  • 2.3.2 Released

    spreecommerce.com 29 Aug '14, 7pm

    Spree has issued new 2.3.2, 2.2.5, 2.1.8, and 2.0.12 releases which are available now! These releases are primarily all focused on bug fixes. Version 2.3.2 has also received many API improvements as well. You can review the Github Compare for a complete list of 2.3.x changes. You can ...

  • Red Badger, Spree Commerce Meetup

    spreecommerce.com 29 Aug '14, 12pm

    Red Badger to Host Spree Commerce Meetup in London After a successful debut of the London Spree Commerce User Group this past May, plans were quickly set in motion for the sequel. Now, the time is here to make your arrangements and attend Red Badger’s September 3rd Meetup! The night w...

  • 2.3.0 Released

    spreecommerce.com 08 Aug '14, 4pm

    Posted on June 30, 2014 by Ryan Bigg Spree 2.3’s large changes include Rails 4.1 support, better preferences storage, better support for multi-store, and better guest user tracking. There have been 700 commits by 97 contributers to bring us to Spree 2.3, and we are excited to release ...

  • Introducing SugarCRM for Wombat

    spreecommerce.com 09 Aug '14, 8pm

    Introducing SugarCRM for Wombat SugarCRM is a popular tool for companies that demand a robust customer relationship management solution that’s also easy to use. SugarCRM lets you track relevant information on your clients, from purchase history to sales call notes, all through an easy...

  • #bonobos & #combatgent have gone brick and mortar. is this an #ecommerce trend that’s here to stay?

    From online to offline. A new trend in E-Commmerce?

    spreecommerce.com 24 Jul '14, 6pm

    E-Commerce Powers are Branching Offline. Is this Trend Here to Stay? It is no secret that e-commerce is bringing down many traditional in-store retailers, or at the very least, making them adjust their business model to incorporate online sales. Why then, are more and more e-commerce ...

  • Take a look into the many payment options provided by Spree:

    Payment Gateways Supported by

    spreecommerce.com 10 Aug '14, 5pm

    Exploring the Payment Gateways Supported by Spree Any merchant who ventures to mount his or her store online will inevitably have to choose which payment collection methods to implement. It is important to users that they have different payment options to choose from, so they can sele...

  • Sad to see @ryanbigg go after a great three-year run w/ Spree. Thanks for everything!

    Farewell Ryan Bigg

    spreecommerce.com 21 Jul '14, 8pm

    Next month we will be saying farewell to our good friend and long time Community Manager, Ryan Bigg. Ryan has been the Spree Community Manager for almost three years now having joined Spree back in November 2011 . Ryan was working on a Spree store for his former employer when we appro...

  • ShopSpree a #ios app for Spree is available! Many thanks to our friends @the_vinsol

    ShopSpree: An iOS App for

    spreecommerce.com 23 Jul '14, 8pm

    Introducing ShopSpree: An iOS App for Spree Commerce The preferences of shoppers have changed globally. Today, consumers prefer shopping in the most convenient ways: anywhere, anytime and on the move. This changing landscape has given birth to the world of mobile and applications. The...


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