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  • Check out this guide from @pberkenbosch on how to contribute to #spree using #git & @github

    Contribute to Spree- Setup Git and Github

    spreecommerce.com 18 Dec '14, 3pm

    Peter Berkenbosch is a Senior Developer and Technical Account Manager at Spree Commerce. He loves programming in dynamic languages such as Ruby, and mostly uses Ruby when developing web applications with the Rails framework. In this small guide I will share the setup I use to contribu...

  • 2.4.2 Released

    spreecommerce.com 05 Dec '14, 5pm

    We have just released new versions of all the currently supported Spree versions. The Spree 2.4.2, 2.3.6, 2.2.8, 2.1.11 releases are out now! The primary focus of these releases was resolving a security flaw in the API . While no user or credit card data could be exploited with this f...

  • 2.4.0 Released

    spreecommerce.com 20 Nov '14, 7pm

    The Spree 2.4.0 release is out now! What’s new in Spree 2.4? We’ve completely overhauled the return authorization system in Spree, and made it much more robust and flexible. There are now also default html email templates, and an updated admin order form. You can view the Release Note...

  • Upgrades Square Integration for Wombat

    spreecommerce.com 06 Nov '14, 5pm

    Spree Commerce has announced its upgraded, officially supported Square integration for Wombat. By utilizing this upgraded integration, Wombat users can connect to Square in just a few minutes by following a few simple steps. Wombat connects ecommerce storefronts to all of their missio...

  • Check out 5 key shipping insights from our friends @71lbs

    5 Key Insights for Ecommerce Merchants

    spreecommerce.com 29 Oct '14, 3pm

    71 lbs serves thousands of customers, including many ecommerce merchants. Ecommerce is a very active and interesting category for us, as shipping connects the end consumer with the merchant. Many years of industry leadership have allowed us to gather important insights about ecommerce...

  • 2.4.0.rc2 Released

    spreecommerce.com 10 Oct '14, 1pm

    Spree has issued new 2.4.0.rc2 & 2.3.4 releases which are available now! The 2.3.4 release fixes a regression that allowed certain orders to transition to a complete state without completed payment. It is recommended to update soon as possible if you’re on the 2.3.x gem series. You ca...

  • 2.4.0.rc3 Released

    spreecommerce.com 07 Nov '14, 10pm

    The Spree 2.4.0.rc3 release is out now. We would like everyone to try it out, and report any issues before a final version is released. We expect that 2.4.0 final will be released in a week or two unless there are any major issues discovered. What’s new in Spree 2.4? We’ve completely ...

  • GoDaddy: Harnessing Open Source to Serve Small Businesses Globally

    spreecommerce.com 25 Oct '14, 4am

    Michael Tucker is a 12-year veteran in solving technical problems by any means necessary. From small consultant firm to large tech corporation, from Microsoft platforms to open source solutions, he works with the right tools and seeks the right talent for the problem at hand, without ...


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