• Detroit Rails | StarterPad

    starterpad.com 14 Jul '16, 10pm

    Detroit Rails is a web development school focusing on the Ruby on Rails Framework. Our model is similar to The Starter League (Chicago) and Dev BootCamp (San Fransisco). Actively looking to hire instructors and more students with an insatiable hunger for knowledge!

  • Meet @fzf: Ruby on Rails Developer via #StarterPad #startup


    starterpad.com 22 Feb '13, 9pm

    @fzf Ruby on Rails Developer United States, Tempe 1 Follower Role Web Developer Current position Owner at Zamboni Dev Skills Ruby on Rails Ios Last action on StarterPad 1 week, 2 days ago Groups Git Commit place Agile Agile lovers/haters zone.

  • Meet @bjornishungry: Full Stack Developer - Ruby on Rails via #StarterPad #startup


    starterpad.com 03 Aug '14, 2pm

    @bjornishungry Full Stack Developer - Ruby on Rails United States, Boston, MA 1 Connection 5 Followers 1 Following bjorn-linder.herokua... linkedin.com/in/bjor... twitter.com/bjornish... Role Entrepreneur Current position CTO at Helyum.co Skills User Experience Design Ruby on Rails We...

  • Meet garbeletche.vairix: Web Developer in Ruby on Rails via #StarterPad #startup


    starterpad.com 23 Jun '13, 5am

    garbeletche.vairix Web Developer in Ruby on Rails Uruguay, Montevideo 1 Follower vairix.com/portfolio linkedin.com/in/gast... garbeletche Role Entrepreneur Current position CEO at VAIRIX Software Development Skills Mobile apps Android Business development Web Development HTML5 Rails R...