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2 days ago ... Hi there everyone! I know that some of you have been following my Instagram/ Pictures and been asking questions about my own DIY nail art, ...

  • #DIY : Want to make your own flower headband/garland? READ ON!

    #DIY : Roses Garland.

    stephiielim.blogspot.com 01 Apr '13, 5am

    - Separate the flowers from their stalks. Cut anything if necessary, like if there's excess leaves on the flowers, leave the bottom part of the bud empty if possible, makes pasting them on the hairband easier and more fuss free. I removed every piece on the stalk so I could use them f...

  • brightlightts on a starless nightt

    brightlightts on a starless nightt

    stephiielim.blogspot.com 13 Feb '13, 6am

    brightlightts on a starless nightt ♡

  • Check out Stephanie Lim's recent shopping experience at Room 8008's lovely shop!

    #OOTD : Room 8008

    stephiielim.blogspot.com 04 Apr '13, 5am

    I visited Room 8008's show room today for a preview of their new arrivals. Located on the 7th floor of Berjaya Times Square (lot no. 52) it wasn't hard spotting this cute shop just around the corner! With lovely interiors and everything dolly in pastel colours, you can see that it was...


    #DIY : Hello Kitty French Tips

    stephiielim.blogspot.com 11 Mar '13, 5am

    Hello ! This post will be my tutorial on how to create Hello Kitty French Tips :) This is my first post on this blog so I hope you like it . Enjoy ! You will need : From left : Top coat , Base coat , Black nail polish , White nail polish , Red nail polish , Black striper ( Optional ) ...

  • Happy Friday everyone! Blog's updated

    [ADV] Hugo Boss // sleek, stylish, classy.

    stephiielim.blogspot.com 11 Jan '13, 2am

    Travelling someplace is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. Months after returning, we can still remember the beautiful memories of the adventures we enjoyed, pampering we treated ourselves to and indulgent meals we ate. Bring these memories back to lif...

  • [ADV] Aruku The Walk

    [ADV] Aruku The Walk

    stephiielim.blogspot.com 14 Apr '13, 5am

    Aruku the Walk is a brand new clubbing experience and one that could certainly rival any of KL’s clubs with it’s advanced sound and light system and interior design with nice sofas in the VIP area and a modern and striking bar.

  • Blog updated! Though it's a rather short one.

    Gold Coast 2012

    stephiielim.blogspot.com 21 Nov '12, 6am

    I wonder how's the weather like in Kuala Lumpur right now. I hope it's still not rainy and depressing /: though I am all the way in Australia now hehe. Got here last week, and in a day or two flew to Gold Coast. My favourite city in Australia! Something's wrong with my blog uploader t...

  • #OOTD : Brightt lights and shootingg stars

    stephiielim.blogspot.com 25 Jan '13, 7am

    It goes easily with anything I match it with, plus, theres not only ones in white but a whole lot of different variety and colors. With a whole lot of functions like an alarm clock for instant, I made sure I wasn't late for tea with the girlfriends.


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