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  • Tech in Asia Singapore 2015 in an infographic

    techinasia.com 26 May '15, 2pm

    May 6 and 7 left an indelible mark in our conference history as we welcomed one of the biggest crowds ever to Tech in Asia Singapore on its fourth edition. In just 48 hours, we hosted a total of 2,135 attendees from 45 countries. This year, we provided more networking opportunities by...

  • Singapore’s Gushcloud gets acquired. Is it really a win for the company?

    Gushcloud gets acquired. Is it really a win for the company?

    techinasia.com 22 May '15, 8am

    It’s a pattern I see all the time. Startup gets acquired. Startup sends out press release trumpeting the news. Journalists like myself lap it up. Cue congratulatory messages for the founders on Facebook. Surely it’s a win for the entrepreneurs and employees alike, right? Not always. S...

  • Paybill.io lets overseas workers pay bills with bitcoin

    techinasia.com 20 May '15, 6am

    Pakistan received US$17.6 billion in remittances in the last year, according to the country’s central bank . The majority of this money was remitted by the Pakistani diaspora – 7 to 8 million strong – consisting of students, blue collar workers, and industry professionals. The most co...

  • Singapore accelerator JFDI could invest up to 4 times more per startup

    Accelerator JFDI could invest up to 4 times more per startup

    techinasia.com 19 May '15, 7am

    Singapore-based startup accelerator Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI) today announced that it could invest up to four times more than it usually does in selected startups for its upcoming bootcamp, which goes on for 100 days. Each team will get an initial S$50,000 (US$37,000), whil...

  • The famous global startup ecosystem ranking is back, but it needs more data from Singapore

    Back in 2015: Compass' global startup ecosystem ranking

    techinasia.com 19 May '15, 11am

    Compass – a company that aims to be the “moneyball” for startups – stirred up a lot of debate when it launched its worldwide ranking of startup ecosystems in 2012 . While unprecedented in its ambition and scope, it generated a lot of heated discussion, particularly in its Asian covera...

  • Singapore startup lets you save time by posting job ads everywhere at once

    Singapore startup StaffOnDemand saves time spent hiring

    techinasia.com 18 May '15, 9am

    Startups and small businesses should spend less time hiring and more time building their products and services. That’s the simple idea behind Singapore-based StaffOnDemand . A startup itself, StaffOnDemand knows first hand the obstacles of searching for good talent. It cuts out time a...

  • This is Singapore's bold plan to mold the world in its image

    Smart Nation: Singapore’s plan to mold the world in its image

    techinasia.com 14 May '15, 7am

    Singapore has a plan to build a tech utopia – a real-life tomorrowland where inhabitants lead blissful lives under the auspices of all-seeing tech overlords. It calls this the Smart Nation initiative. There’s nothing quite like it. It’s an ambitious government project to use technolog...

  • How Singapore’s ConnectNPay is helping stir up Myanmar’s financial sector

    Singapore’s ConnectNPay brings epayments to Myanmar

    techinasia.com 20 May '15, 8am

    Since Myanmar opened up its economy in 2010, after one of the most brutal dictatorships in Asia, capitalism has been on the rise. The country’s abundant natural resources, strategic location between Asia’s powers India and China, and its largely untapped market of 60 million people ha...


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