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  • Get ahold of my pal @bigbags if you want to contribute content to his new project, The Loveumentary! Details

    The Loveumentary

    thebigbags.com 02 Sep '12, 10pm

    “Are there many marriages that you look at that make you really excited about getting married? Do you ever see married couples and think, ‘Man, I really want what they have.’?” That was the question I asked my best friends over dinner this weekend. Aside from a few notable exceptions,...

  • If you want to make a change in your life, start getting rid of things you don’t need via @bigbags

    Keeping Austin Weird

    thebigbags.com 13 May '12, 9pm

    I finally pulled the trigger, and now here I am, sitting in an apartment in the mountains 10 minutes north of Austin… the city that represents the perfect combination of music, food, dancing, tech, mountains, warmth, youth, and Ron Paul. If this city wasn’t meant for me, I don’t know ...

  • I started a riot at Disney World this weekend. What did you do?

    The Few. The Proud. The Crazy. | thebigbags

    thebigbags.com 16 Apr '12, 3am

    Back 2 rows: Jersey Family, Front Row: Michigan Couple, Headless Horsemen: Me and Sean This weekend I led an angry mob of people in a riot at Disney World. Two hours of standing in a barely-moving line for Splash Mountain provided my friend Sean and me the opportunity to get to know t...

  • Any Wordpress friends know why this is happening to my blog?

    Life Is A Joke, Are You In On It? | TheBigBags.com - Nate Bagley

    thebigbags.com 08 Aug '12, 11pm

    Sometimes I just want to punch life in the face. Normally I feel this way when after I’ve grown weary from the never-ending pummeling that life so generously doles out. My arms have dropped, my feet have grown heavy, and life has been given a free shot at my tired, sweaty mug. I’ve st...

    1. My Gamified Life gilesbowkett.blogspot.com 08 Aug '12, 11pm
  • The Invocation

    thebigbags.com 17 May '12, 3pm

    This is an invocation for anyone who hasn’t begun, whose stuck in a terrible place between 0 and 1: Let me realize that my past failures that follow through are no indication of my future performance, their just healthy little fires that are gonna’ warm up my ass. If my FILDI* is stro...

  • @speakwithadam To be honest? I'm not sure...

    On Quitting, and What Is Next | thebigbags

    thebigbags.com 28 Feb '12, 1pm

    It’s official, I quit my job. For nearly a year, I’ve been in charge of Tony Roma’s social media presence, and their website. I’ve run email campaigns, helped set up a new SMS marketing program. I’ve run contests, built an intranet from scratch, traveled a lot, and even had my own off...

  • This is a good one. So, my house almost burned down this weekend. Here's the story:

    Things You Learn When Your House Almost Burns Down | thebigbags

    thebigbags.com 09 Feb '12, 6pm

    It was 4:00 in freakin’ the morning, and my brain was undergoing an epic battle between my body’s desire to remain in a deep sleep and a primal urge to reach a state of semi-awakeness that comes as the result of very loud, very repetitive noises being blasted into my ears. I groggily ...

  • Less Stuff, More Freedom | thebigbags

    thebigbags.com 23 Apr '12, 9pm

    Well, the time has come to rid myself of as many of my possessions as I can so that I can make my dreams a reality. Here’s some of the stuff I have for sale on Craigslist. If you are in Orlando, and are interested in any of this stuff, just let me know… also, if you helped me spread t...