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  • Chope! A project that explores the peculiar & eccentric language of SG's kopitiam culture

    Chope! Project

    thelittledromstore.com 10 Jul '13, 12pm

    Chope! is a project that explores the peculiar and eccentric lingoes of Singapore’s Kopitiam culture. Often a mishmash of words from various dialects and culture, one would be surprised by the creativity and originality behind our eclectic Kopitiam culture. We, Singaporeans are an int...

  • Nice Lullatone interview with The little dröm store in Singapore. We want to visit Singapore so much!

    Session 11: Lullatone | The Little Dröm Store

    thelittledromstore.com 25 Oct '13, 8am

    Firstly, let us say how much we loooove Lullatone’s music, actually it’s beyond words to describe how much their music inspires us. If you’re feeling beaten up, lousy and just want to hide inside a den to run away from nightmares, Lullatone’s tunes will teleport you immediately into a...

  • dröm sessions: Beci Orpin Happy Friday drömmers! For this month’s dröm sessions, we speak to Australian...

    Session 6: Beci Orpin | The Little Dröm Store

    thelittledromstore.com 15 Feb '13, 6am

    For this month’s dröm sessions, we speak to Australian designer, Beci Orpin ! As visual junkies at heart, we definitely went gaga crazy over Beci’s Orpin love for collecting and creating. Her great sense of mastering the art of orchestrating all that palette of psychedelic colours, an...


    // the little dröm store // issue 12 //

    thelittledromstore.com 20 Dec '11, 10am

    圣诞老人,圣诞树。圣诞老人,分礼物。 圣诞老人,笑嘻嘻。圣诞老人,不许动也不许笑! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I DON'T FRIEND YOU MUGS Celebrating friendships and childhood playtime memories in Singapore (circa 80s – 90s). Snippets of our book made into mugs! Available in 3 designs. I DON'T FRIEND YOU MUGS Cherry Cherry Long C...

  • WAH! Little drom store did an interview with Gemma Correll! Viva gemma! I love gemma's illustration! :D

    Session 5: Gemma Correll | The Little Dröm Store

    thelittledromstore.com 16 Feb '13, 5pm

    As a child, the things I loved to do most were read books and draw pictures. My parents had some cartoon books, like The Far Side and annuals by the British cartoonist Giles and I’d spend hours reading those. Even though I didn’t completely understand them, I loved the combination of ...

  • the little dröm store // issue 18 //

    thelittledromstore.com 18 Mar '13, 6am

    This above photo was taken during our previous visit to Japan's Moomin house! The whole architecture and the park itself is seem so surreal, we felt like we were in some sort of wonderland! It's about an hour train ride from Tokyo, stationed at MotoKaji, Saitami Prefecture. For all yo...

  • <3 Donna Wilson

    Session 10: Donna Wilson | The Little Dröm Store

    thelittledromstore.com 08 Sep '13, 1pm

    Sessions is a platform where we showcase and interview some of our favourite overseas and local artists, artists from various walks of creative discipline. We share a little insight of what they do and also what goes behind their work(s), through our conversations with them. Here are ...


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