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  • Singapore plans to cut off Web access for government agencies

    thenextweb.com 24 Aug '16, 7am

    Public servants in Singapore might have a harder time than most if they want to check their personal email and social network updates at work. Reuters reports that the island city-state is working to implement a policy that will cut off Web access for government employees, as a defens...

  • US government to auction $1.6 million in Bitcoin this month

    thenextweb.com 08 Aug '16, 6pm

    The US government has announced it will look to auction 2,719 Bitcoin it seized during cases like Silk Road. An auction will be held on August 22, and those expecting to participate in the action must register by August 18. According to CoinDesk , the Bitcoin are worth about $1.6 mill...

  • Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex reports $75 million has been stolen

    thenextweb.com 02 Aug '16, 11pm

    Bitcoin exchange platform Bitfinex is reporting the theft of what some users are saying is as much as 119,756btc — or about $75 million in cash. A Reddit user under the handle of ‘zanetackett ’ is ‘confirming’ the loss at 119,756btc. A LinkedIn profile for a Zane Tackett has him worki...

  • Florida court rules bitcoin isn't currency in money laundering case

    thenextweb.com 25 Jul '16, 5pm

    Bitcoin has made millionaires nearly overnight, lost some their life savings, and fluctuates more than a politician during election season, but make no mistake: it’s not currency, at least to this Florida court. A Miami-Dade judge ruled in favor of a man, Michell Espinoza, charged wit...

  • Canadian university buckles and pays $20k in bitcoin to hackers

    thenextweb.com 08 Jun '16, 3pm

    The University of Calgary in Canada has paid just over $15,000 (CAD $20,000) to restore access to its computer systems following a ransomware attack. Ransomware typically, as its name would suggest, prevents a victim from acessing their files and other services until demands had been ...

  • 21's Bitcoin computer now has a marketplace for APIs

    thenextweb.com 12 Mar '16, 6am

    After launching a small Linux-based device that can mine Bitcoin and make machine-to-machine payments last year, 21 has launched a micropayments marketplace that allows people to trade digital goods using cryptocurrency. The 21 Marketplace’s initial focus is on enabling developers to ...

  • Web's growing doubt that Craig Wright is the real creator of Bitcoin

    thenextweb.com 02 May '16, 12pm

    Earlier today Craig Wright, an Australian entrepreneur, penned a post claiming he was the original inventor of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The BBC reported that it had verified the claims and information was released in other respectable big-name titles, like The Economist . However, ...

  • Expert that backed Wright's claim of inventing Bitcoin is confused

    thenextweb.com 04 May '16, 2pm

    One of the cryptocurrency experts who backed Australian Craig White’s claim that he is the inventor of Bitcoin has said that he shouldn’t have shown support for the claim until proof had been publicly posted. Answering questions from security researcher Dan Kaminsky , Gavin Andresen, ...