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Sunday was the five-year anniversary of this here blob, which I've neglected in the past months in the interest of Rookie, high school, friends, sleep, and other ...

  • current events

    thestylerookie.com 03 Dec '13, 6am

    LONG TIME NO TALK. Here's what's happened since last spring: Rookie Yearbook Two is out ! It is the print edition of our best content from our second year as a website and I am crazy proud of it. This one was a real labor of love -- I flew to Montreal twice to work with Drawn & Quarte...

  • i like the way she combines original and others' content, image and text, to set a mood @youtweetSLC

    candy store cat lady

    thestylerookie.com 06 Feb '14, 6pm

    It's so pretty! Sure, the walking-to-school-at-7:30-A.M. version of me might beg to differ, and oh, you know, throw her backpack down in a fit of rage every few steps or so, but look at how it glimmers from just the right angles! I'm way too into artenergyalchemy , which is where I go...

  • why I am not a talk show host

    thestylerookie.com 27 Dec '13, 11pm

    Anon #1-I don't get it either, half the press I've gotten has been without my consent but it's mostly because journalists like the idea of a 12 year old blogger. I have gone to other blogs that get 100 comments per post and though I don't care for the post myself, I'm not about to mak...

  • tavi gevinson's blog

    thestylerookie.com 03 Jun '12, 3am

    These are some photos I took a while ago for MAC 's MacZine that just came out, so here I am now, posting them, online, on the internet, on my weblog!!!!! The theme of the issue was "Wanderlust," so I did a Los Angeles-inspired moodboard and outfit, which is not surprising to readers ...

  • tavi gevinson's blog: IS THIS THE REAL LIFE? IS THIS JUST FANTASY?

    thestylerookie.com 16 Sep '12, 5pm

    We have a lot to catch up on. I guess I've put off writing this because there is SO MUCH. It was always in the back of our minds that we* would do a yearly print edition of Rookie , and by the time May rolled around, we realized that we should probably get on that if we wanted to publ...

    1. The Rails Tutors Blog railstutors.com 16 Sep '12, 3pm
  • nowness

    thestylerookie.com 23 Oct '13, 5pm

    I am in full Halloween mode right now, watching all the appropriate teevee specials and having premature candy feasts. I wore my costume to school today only to learn it's against the rules, but no one thought I was even dressed up because of how I normally dress. I can actually get a...

  • five years

    thestylerookie.com 03 Apr '13, 5am

    Everything is now a matter of life and death. Math homework: NOT A PRIORITY WHEN THE END COULD BE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. Cleaning my room: IS THIS REALLY HOW I WANT TO SPEND MY LAST HOURS ON EARTH WHEN I COULD GET HIT BY A CAR TOMORROW? Etc. The habit that blog-keeping instilled in ...

  • tavi gevinson's blog: "daddy this is my friend Tai" "GET OUTTA MY CHAY...

    "daddy this is my friend Tai" "GET OUTTA MY CHAY-UH"

    thestylerookie.com 15 Oct '13, 2pm

    "daddy this is my friend Tai" "GET OUTTA MY CHAY-UH" My, this weekend was full of non-internety things and it was rather enjoyable. Ella and I went to Starbucks, wiped two face-size circles of fog away from the windows, stuck our heads in them and acted like The Biggest D-Bags Ever. M...


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