• Louis Vuitton made an iPhone case that costs seven iPhones

    theverge.com 09 Mar '17, 2pm

    When shopping for an iPhone case, most people throw something like a thin $15 piece of plastic around their new phone and call it a day. But if you’re feeling a little more bold, Louis Vuitton can hook you up with a $5,500 case covered in golden crocodile leather, with four hard corne...

  • Surging Bitcoin prices inspire a wave of scams

    Surging Bitcoin prices inspire a wave of scams

    theverge.com 23 Mar '17, 12pm

    New research from the security firm ZeroFox shows a surge in Bitcoin-related crimes during the first three weeks of March, just as the cryptocurrency was moving to integrate into conventional financial markets. The scams varied from straightforward phishing attempts to more elaborate ...

  • Uber now has mapping cars on five continents in its bid to overtake Google Maps

    theverge.com 13 Feb '17, 7pm

    Uber announced today that it would begin generating its own 3D maps of Singapore. This was the latest in a blizzard of news surrounding the ride-hail company’s increased investment in mapping, the goals of which appear to be twofold: outpace Google, and lay the groundwork for Uber’s f...

  • The SEC just handed Bitcoin a huge setback

    SEC just handed Bitcoin a huge setback

    theverge.com 10 Mar '17, 9pm

    The Securities and Exchange Commission has denied the application for the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust ETF, in a stunning defeat for its founders, the Winklevoss Twins. In an order today , the commission found that the proposed fund was too susceptible to fraud, due to the unregulated nat...

  • Don’t believe the story about hackers locking guests in their rooms at a luxury hotel -

    theverge.com 30 Jan '17, 3pm

    A story that’s been circulating over the past week — “Hotel ransomed by hackers as guests locked in rooms” — should be taken with a little more than just a pinch of salt. According to a report (since amended) by The Local , the computer system at the four-star Austrian hotel, the Seeh...

  • Show Notes: Damnit, Verizon

    Show Notes: Damnit, Verizon

    theverge.com 10 Mar '17, 10pm

    Let’s just start with telecom news and ranting, because that’s why we’re all here, right? Jake Kastrenakes dug into the FCC’s walk back of ISP privacy rules , which will basically let broadband providers sell your browsing history and other data. Their big argument is that Google and ...

  • Bitcoin service ordered to hand over two years of user records to IRS

    theverge.com 30 Nov '16, 9pm

    Today in Northern California District Court, a federal judge ordered the Bitcoin wallet service Coinbase to hand over records of all transactions that took place during 2014 or 2015, as part of a larger investigation into possible tax fraud by Coinbase users. “The taxpayers being inve...

  • Another self-driving car company will test its vehicles in the US

    theverge.com 21 Nov '16, 5am

    NuTonomy , an autonomous vehicle software startup that’s been testing its technology in Singapore , announced that it had signed an agreement with officials in Boston to bring its self-driving cars to that city’s streets. NuTonomy said it will begin testing its self-driving Renault Zo...