Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe is a micro roastery, a coffee training centre and an espresso bar located at Grünersgate 1 in Oslo, Norway. Our goal is to be among the best ...

  • Blog Archive » New Espressos and New Roast Profiles – Adjust Your Extractions

    timwendelboe.no 22 Sep '13, 3pm

    One thing they do have in common is the roast profile. Earlier this summer I decided it was time to make our espresso taste better. Yes, I admit I have been reluctant to work with our espresso too much, because I have personally drifted away from the intense little coffee drink. After...

  • Blog Archive » International shipping

    timwendelboe.no 01 May '13, 1pm

    We are very excited to announce that as of today, 1 May 2013, Tim Wendelboe offers international shipping . Since opening our doors in 2007, we have consistently been asked to ship our coffees overseas. Until recently this was not possible, as we didn’t have an affordable and consiste...

  • Blog Archive » Coffee at Noma

    timwendelboe.no 12 Mar '13, 12pm

    Last week I spent 3 days working at restaurant Noma in order to launch their new coffee service. We have been working closely with the guys at Noma ever since René Redzepi, during his talk at the 2012 Nordic Barista cup, promised that Noma would lead the way in offering the best coffe...

  • Come help us celebrate our 6 year anniversary and donate money for drying tables at Kapsokisio!

    Blog Archive » 6 Year anniversary

    timwendelboe.no 18 Jul '13, 3pm

    We will be giving all the money from our anniversary sales to a very promising cooperative in west-Kenya, Kapsokisio, which unfortunately this year were not able to produce enough of their best quality coffee for us to buy because of a lack of drying tables. We would therefore like to...

  • Blog Archive » Looking for a part time barista for immediate hire

    timwendelboe.no 03 Apr '13, 6pm

    Looking for a part time barista for immediate hire We are looking for a new person that can work shifts, 2-5 days per week, in our espresso bar and roastery. Your daily tasks will be working in the bar serving our retail customers and whole sale customers, packing coffee on our roasti...

  • Here is a summary of what I did on my stay at Finca Tamana Last week. @FairfieldCoffee

    Blog Archive » Update from Finca Tamana

    timwendelboe.no 29 Apr '13, 4pm

    The result of our improved process at Finca Tamana is not only showing results in the cup, but also visually it makes a big difference. Just look at the picture below. The coffee to the left is processed by using the traditional dry fermentation and drying for 6 to 9 days in the sun l...

  • New coffee from a single farmer in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia for sale this week:

    Olke Bire

    timwendelboe.no 24 Jun '13, 2pm

    This coffee is quite unique as it is coming from a single smallholder farmer in Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia. Normally the smallholder farmers sell their coffee cherries to nearby cooperatives where the coffee is mixed together with coffees from up to a hundred other farmers before it reac...

  • Get the best Nacimiento lot while it is here:

    Blog Archive » Nacimiento for sale

    timwendelboe.no 13 Aug '13, 8am

    We have finally received the delicious coffee from the 2013 harvest from Honduras. First coffee on the shelf is the very best lot from Nacimiento this year. A Bourbon variety picked in April. Go here for more info. You can buy our coffees in our webshop , and yes, we do ship internati...


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