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  • Rain-Resistant Purse Covers - The Handbag Raincoat Can Help Keep Any Purse Dry #Unique

    Rain-Resistant Purse Covers : Purse Covers

    trendhunter.com 11 May '15, 7pm

    Protect your bag from the next torrential downpour with the new Handbag Raincoat purse covers. The handy protective covers were designed by Morgan Sarner after she found herself using a coat or a newspaper to protect her bag when she was caught in the rain. Tired of the wear and tear ...

  • Luxurious Oceanic Theaters #Luxury

    Luxurious Oceanic Theaters : carnival vista

    trendhunter.com 10 May '15, 8pm

    The Carnival Vista is the latest innovation from the cruise brand 'Carnival.' Making history, this cruise ship is the first ever equipped with an IMAX theater. With a guest capacity of 3,936, the Carnival Vista features a screen that is three decks high. Next to the colossal theater, ...

  • Dessert-Infused Frozen Coffees - The Starbucks Panna Cotta Frappuccino Has Launched in Singapore #Food:

    Dessert-Infused Frozen Coffees : Panna Cotta Frappuccino

    trendhunter.com 29 Apr '15, 3pm

    Starbucks Singapore has launched a delicious Panna Cotta Frappuccino in two limited edition flavors. This intriguing dessert-beverage hybrid features a delightful layer of panna cotta pudding between the whipped cream and the frappuccino itself. The latest in a string of exciting summ...

  • 15 Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipes

    trendhunter.com 16 Mar '15, 8pm

    These gluten-free breakfast recipes range from berry-infused chia bowls to baked breakfast casseroles that are made using a french fries, ham and a generous helping of melted cheese. Whether you're an indulgent or health-conscious eater, these gluten-free breakfast recipes feature som...

  • Luxe Tropical Accessories #Luxury

    Luxe Tropical Accessories : Louis Vuitton Campaign

    trendhunter.com 21 Apr '15, 12pm

    The Louis Vuitton campaign for Spring 2015 draws inspiration from Miami's tropical style aesthetic. The luxury label's 'V' and 'Ramages' collections grace its latest advertorial that features totes, clutches and eyewear accessories. Each of these tropical products is lensed seaside an...

  • Top 35 Luxury Products in April #Luxury

    Top 35 Luxury Products in April

    trendhunter.com 05 Apr '15, 8pm

    These April 2015 luxury goods indicate opportunity for affluent consumers looking for first-class products and services. This includes activities some would consider more elite or exlusive as well as products from high end designer brands, or those attached to big celebrity names. Tra...

  • Extravagant Smart Jewelry : Smart Jewelry

    trendhunter.com 24 Mar '15, 3pm

    A UK-based company called Christophe & Co. is about to revolutionize the world of luxury men's jewelry, and hardly anyone has realized it yet. In collaboration with the legendary Italian design firm Pininfarina (a frequent partner of Ferrari and Maserati, among others), Christophe & C...

  • Top 35 Luxury Products in March #Luxury

    Top 35 Luxury Products in March

    trendhunter.com 01 Mar '15, 8pm

    When it comes to the best of the best of consumer goods, these March 2015 luxury products are definitely indicative of the season. With Easter coming up in early April, many people are starting to think about chocolate and similar holiday-appropriate sweets. This is reflected in spher...