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(Image: Invisible questions via Shutterstock)When it comes to the world economy, what you "see" is not usually what you get - especially when it comes to ...

  • Transphobia at the Intersection of the #Military and #Prison Industrial Complexes @xychelsea

    Transphobia at the Intersection of the Military and Prison Industrial Complexes

    truth-out.org 13 Sep '15, 3pm

    PFC. Chelsea Manning in 2010. (Photo: US Army via The New York Times) My home - or, at least my place of residence for the time being - is the US Disciplinary Barracks, the United States' crown jewel military prison. Being both a military institution and a prison, it lies in a unique,...

  • The US #Military and the Myth That Humanity Is Predisposed to Violence #peace @CCW4COs

    The US Military and the Myth That Humanity Is Predisposed to Violence

    truth-out.org 13 Sep '15, 8pm

    Camilo Mejía , an Iraq War veteran, conscientious objector and peace activist. (Photo courtesy of the Center on Conscience & War) We have this tragic misperception that humanity is predisposed to violence. The truth is that humanity is predisposed to peace. The default position for hu...

  • The Truth About Diego Garcia: 50 Years of Fictions About a US Military Base

    truth-out.org 15 Jun '15, 3pm

    of Diego Garcia frequently reads like fiction, it has proven all too real for the people involved. It's the story of a U.S. military base built on a series of real-life fictions told by U.S. and British officials over more than half a century. The central fiction is that the U.S. buil...

  • US policy has helped increase presence of the #military in daily life in #Guatemala @palabrasdeabajo

    US Policy Driving Militarization in Guatemala

    truth-out.org 05 Jul '15, 2pm

    A patrol of soldiers passes through the community of Pajoques in San Juan Sacatepéquez in October 2014. (Photo: Jeff Abbott) Residents of Guatemala City are angry with the United States Marines. Early in June, a Marine CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopter flew low over Zone 9 of Guatemala ci...

  • #Torture is foundational to US policing, #prisons and #military action, says @KayJWhitlock

    Torture, Lies and Denial

    truth-out.org 17 May '15, 6pm

    In 1962, sociologist Everett C. Hughes identified broader forms of culpability in his essay “Good People and Dirty Work, in which he explored psychic mechanisms by which individuals and society keep “unpleasant or intolerable knowledge from consciousness.” (This is a subject Michael B...

  • Video Archive - How Has the CIA Been Used as a Secret Military Force?

    truth-out.org 16 Aug '15, 4pm

    The CIA began as a spy agency after World War II, but soon the CIA was planning and executing covert operations across the globe without proper congressional oversight. From the removal of the democratically elected leaders of Iran and Guatemala to the attempted invasion of Cuba, to t...

  • Why Are We Paying the #NFL to Help the #Pentagon Recruit Troops? asks @EdgeofSports #football #military

    Why Are We Paying the NFL to Help the Pentagon Recruit Troops?

    truth-out.org 17 May '15, 7pm

    A C-17 Globemaster rom JBLM performs a fly by over CenturyLink Field during Military Appreciation Day before the Seahawks game with Baltimore, November 13, 2011, at CenturyLink Field. (Photo: Jim Bryant/NW Guardian/JBLM PAO ) All-star first baseman Carlos Delgado was not a fan of the ...

  • #Military Sexual Assault Reform Stalls in #Congress Yet Again:

    Military Sexual Assault Reform Stalls Again

    truth-out.org 27 Jun '15, 1pm

    Pentagon estimates suggest that tens of thousands of "unwanted sexual contacts" happen every year in the military. (Image: Jared Rodriguez / Truthout ) Truthout combats corporate power by bringing you trustworthy, independent news. Join our mission by making a donation now! Yet anothe...