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(Image: Invisible questions via Shutterstock)When it comes to the world economy, what you "see" is not usually what you get - especially when it comes to ...

  • Colombian Report on US Military's Child Rapes Not Newsworthy to US News Outlets

    truth-out.org 29 Mar '15, 9pm

    In his report, the historian [Renan Vega] cited one 2004 case in the central Colombian town of Melgar where 53 underage girls were sexually abused by nearby stationed military contractors “who moreover filmed [the abuse] and sold the films as pornographic material.” According to Colom...

  • #Peace Is Not Profitable Enough for the United States: #warmongers #military via @BuzzFlash

    Peace Is Not Profitable Enough for the United States

    truth-out.org 15 Mar '15, 6pm

    MARK KARLIN, EDITOR OF BUZZFLASH AT TRUTHOUT (Photo: Beth ) Christmastime is the worst. That's when TV advertising, sappy television shows, holiday music and politicians all parrot the theme of a time of peace and goodwill toward all. Of course, the real national purpose of the end-of...

  • Military Personnel Trained by the CIA Used Napalm Against Indigenous People in Brazil

    truth-out.org 09 Nov '14, 3pm

    Unlike other crimes committed by the State during that time period, no reparations or indemnification for the acts have been offered to indigenous people; they were not even considered victims of the military regime. "From the north to the south and from the east to the west, accusati...

  • Seven Ways the Military Wastes Our Money

    truth-out.org 23 Nov '14, 9pm

    Here are seven absurd ways the military wastes our money--and none of them have anything to do with national defense. 1. A whole battalion of generals? The titles “general” or “admiral” sound like they belong to pretty exclusive posts, fit only for the best of the best. This flashy ti...

  • VA Also Not Telling the Truth About Veteran Disability Claims #military #veteran

    VA Also Not Telling the Truth About Veteran Disability Claims

    truth-out.org 07 Jun '14, 9pm

    Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta meets with Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Eric Shinseki at the U.S. Veterans Affairs Building in Washington D.C. to discuss ways to help facilitate veteran disability claims. Dec. 6 2012. (Photo: Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo / Flickr ) Instead of actually re...

  • Covert US Military Training Goes to Africa

    truth-out.org 01 Jun '14, 5pm

    New US plans for training security forces in four African countries recall similar programs around the world, which often ended in the hand-picked trainees slaughtering civilians or staging military coups. With everyone’s attention focused on the European elections or President Barack...

  • Senators Block Bill to Remove #Sex #Assault Cases From #Military Chain of Command

    Senators Block Bill to Remove Sex Assault Cases From Military Chain of Command

    truth-out.org 09 Mar '14, 5pm

    Claire McCaskill. (Photo: Project On Government Oversight / Flickr) Washington - The Senate on Thursday rejected legislation that would have stripped military commanders of the power to prosecute sexual assaults and other major crimes. The bill, proposed by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-...

  • #Military Commissions Stuck on #Torture #Guantanamo

    Military Commissions Stuck on Torture

    truth-out.org 29 Nov '13, 8pm

    The government's position, articulated by prosecutor Clay Trivett, is that this case is not about torture. "We're trying these five men for the summary execution of 2,976 people," Trivett said. He added that the defense's problem is not with the protective order but, rather, with the ...