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Tutorials Ruby and Rails Setting up Ruby and RailsCheck out our tutorial to setup Ruby 1.9.3 …

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  • Mechanize

    tutorials.jumpstartlab.com 05 Aug '17, 8pm

    Mechanize is able to do more than request a page and look at its links. It can click links and fill in forms, too. When you talk to a website, the website sets a header in the HTTP request called a cookie. The browser then sends this back to the site whenever you interact with it. Thi...

  • Request Cycle!

    Request Cycle & Component Roles

    tutorials.jumpstartlab.com 18 Jan '17, 10pm

    Request Cycle & Component Roles To build great Rails applications you must understand the role of each component of its MVC architecture and carefully consider not just what code to write, but where to write it. Request/Response Cycle In general, we can think of the Request/Response c...

  • Ruby in 100 Minutes

    tutorials.jumpstartlab.com 06 Jan '15, 10pm

    Ruby is an "interpreted" programming language which means it can’t run on your processor directly, it has to be fed into a middleman called the "virtual machine" or VM. The VM takes in Ruby code on one side and speaks natively to the operating system and processor on the other. The be...

  • Getting Started with Sinatra

    tutorials.jumpstartlab.com 04 Apr '14, 4pm

    pass it a URL pattern to match, in this case / , the "root" pass it a block to run (do /end ) when that endpoint is accessed send the return value of that block as the respose to the user

  • Ruby & Rails Development Environment with Vagrant - Jumpstart Lab Curriculum

    tutorials.jumpstartlab.com 18 Mar '14, 8pm

    Vagrant is a system for easily managing and interactive with VirtualBox-based virtual machines. Using vagrant we can do everything from the command line and rarely if ever need to open the actual VirtualBox application. You can learn more on the Vagrant website

  • Java + Salesforce + Heroku - Jumpstart Lab Curriculum

    tutorials.jumpstartlab.com 20 Mar '14, 5pm

    Scaling through the GUI is cute, but it’s not fast and difficult to script. Maybe, for instance, you find that your traffic spikes during certain hours and want to scale up your dynos just for those hours . You could write a script to manipulate the dynos from the command line.

  • Scraping data with Capybara

    tutorials.jumpstartlab.com 20 Aug '16, 1pm

    Capybara provides an interface for interacting with websites from Ruby. It is specifically intended for testing, but all the functionality it provides is useful for scraping, too. It leaves the specifics of how to talk to the website to a "driver" This allows you to use it with numero...

  • Setting Up a VPS - Jumpstart Lab Curriculum

    tutorials.jumpstartlab.com 06 Jun '14, 3am

    You built an app, got excited and deployed it easily on Heroku. But after several thousand users, you ended up paying thousand of dollars to keep it running. You looked for other alternatives, and you decided to give a VPS a try. What is a VPS? A VPS, or virtual private server, is a v...


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