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  • Watir-Classic 3.4.0 Released!

    Watir-Classic 3.4.0 Released!

    watir.com 19 Jan '13, 6pm

    I’m happy to announce that Watir-Classic 3.4.0 has been released! Put it into your Gemfile: gem "watir-classic", "~> 3.4.0" Or install it manually with: gem install watir-classic Biggest change is a complete documentation overhaul. Check it out at rubydoc.info/github/watir/watir-class...

  • Infogain

    watir.com 22 Dec '12, 6pm

    I work at Infogain and would like to include our company’s logo on the Watir page. We have been using Watir extensively for the past 4 years and built a data driven framework on it. Also, for cross browser support (firefox, chrome), we have incorporated watir-webdriver gem, and also u...

  • Watir Team News

    watir.com 22 Dec '12, 4pm

    I am Dave McNulla and I’ve been testing software since 1993. I started experimenting with Microsoft Test in 1995 for pre-web applications. I used that and other vendor tools for years. In 2008, I tried Watir for the first time to build a test framework that was used for years. I start...

  • Open browser test automation at WMF by @chris_mcmahon

    Open browser test automation at WMF

    watir.com 19 Dec '12, 9pm

    From the start I wanted this project to be a world class, completely open, reference implementation of such a project, using the best and most modern tools and practices I could find. I wanted this to be a project that anyone could read, anyone could run, and to which anyone could con...

  • All three @Watir gems were updated

    All Watir Gems Updated

    watir.com 08 Dec '12, 12pm

    All Watir Gems Updated Posted on December 8, 2012 by Željko Filipin All three Watir gems were updated: watir-webdriver to version 0.6.2 on December 7, 2012 watir to version 4.0.2 on October 31, 2012 watir-classic to version 3.3.0 on October 27, 2012 About these ads Share this: Email P...

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  • We have recently updated the list of blogs that could be useful to @Watir users.


    watir.com 08 Dec '12, 12pm

    We have recently updated the list of blogs that could be useful to Watir users. Take a look at

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  • There are two books on @Watir. Both books are work in progress and both were updated recently.

    Watir Books

    watir.com 08 Dec '12, 11am

    There are two books on Watir. Both books are work in progress and both were updated recently.

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  • I’m happy to announce that @Watir-Classic 3.2.0 has been released!

    Watir-Classic 3.2.0 Released!

    watir.com 20 Sep '12, 10am

    Watir-Classic 3.2.0 Released! Posted on September 20, 2012 by Jarmo Pertman Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce that Watir-Classic 3.2.0 has been released! Changes: Add Element#browser method as an alias for Element#page_container . Fix SelectList#{select|clear} to fire onChange eve...

  • Watir-Classic 3.1.0 Released! cc @watir

    Watir-Classic 3.1.0 Released!

    watir.com 22 Aug '12, 12pm

    I’m happy to announce that another version of Watir-Classic has just been released – 3.1.0. Changelog: Add Browser#name , which returns :ie . Add Dl#to_hash . Add support for Alert API . Add support for Browser#screenshot API . Browser#execute_script returns now correct Ruby objects i...

  • Examples

    watir.com 04 Aug '12, 7pm

    If you’re a first time Ruby user, you need to understand how to load Ruby gems such as Watir. You can require it via the -rubygems command line option or by using the RUBYOPT environment variable. You can also require it manually in your script:

  • Watir Team News

    Watir Team News

    watir.com 18 Jul '12, 11am

    Tiffany Fodor used to be support sheriff, but she did not have the time to contribute lately, so we have moved her to alumni last year . Since she helped a lot with organizing Test Automation Bazaar conference this year, she is back to the team, but instead of support sheriff, she is ...

  • Team

    watir.com 06 Jul '12, 11am

    Congratulations to Tiffany and Wesley. I am glad to see Tiffany Fodor in Water Community, she deserves. Becuase I too got many clarifications very quickly from her through the watir-general group when I started designing Test Framework recently for my project based on “DataDrivenTestH...

  • Watir 3 Released!

    watir.com 24 Apr '12, 8am

    * Element#(before|after)? removed * Element#(before|after)_text removed * Browser#cell(s) and Browser#row(s) removed * Browser#Element camelCase methods removed, use under_score methods instead * Browser#element(s) supports only general attributes like :id, :title, :class_name, :text,...

  • Support

    watir.com 17 Apr '12, 10pm

    , Google custom search engine that searches Watir web sites, wiki, bug tracker, source and all Watir related mailing lists (and nothing else). If you have a problem, somebody else probably had it before you. Also, it is probably already resolved. Please search before you ask. Do not m...

  • Installation

    watir.com 15 Apr '12, 11pm

    For up to date installation instructions, download free version of Watir book , or go directly to the page for your operating system: Windows , Mac , Ubuntu Linux . Troubleshooting Visit the following links for having trouble with installation: Watir FAQ Watir Installation Issues Inst...

  • Watir Bazaar was Kick Ass!

    watir.com 06 Apr '12, 3am

    I’ve been regularly hosting small conferences for over a decade, starting with the LAWST format and slowly evolving over the years. I just finished hosting the Watir Bazaar. I feel real good about it. One of the best conferences I’ve ever been to. Really excited: everyone had a good t...

  • Speakers at the Test Automation Bazaar | Watir.com

    watir.com 04 Mar '12, 8pm

    Hugh McGowan & the Convio team – Introducing WatirMark at Convio. WatirMark is an MVC testing framework that supports Cucumber and Rspec. This is result of several years of major refactoring, recently released as open-source. Bob Jones, How a Ruby Framework for testing services was ex...

  • Register now to attend the Charity Workshops on March 22! | Watir.com

    watir.com 29 Feb '12, 11pm

    We’re offering two workshops on March 22 – the day before the Test Automation Bazaar officially gets underway. To join in, just donate $50 to one of the list of charities below for each workshop you’d like to attend and sign up below. Then, bring a receipt for your donation to gain en...

  • Test Automation Bazaar! | Watir.com

    watir.com 28 Feb '12, 6pm

    The Watir Team proudly presents the first ever Test Automation Bazaar : a two-day conference in Austin, Texas. The focus of the conference will be on test automation in Ruby (not necessarily Watir), and specification by example : tying automated tests to business context. When: Friday...

  • Watir.com | Web Application Testing in Ruby

    watir.com 25 Feb '12, 10am

    We found it one of the most robust tools for web application testing. We are using it since last two year and formed our own library / framework to do data driven testing. Usually we use it to automate our sanity test suite. However, for couple of projects we are working on to automat...