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  • Hand-implanted NFC chips open this man's bitcoin wallet

    wired.co.uk 11 Nov '14, 6pm

    Subdermal NFC chip implants Mr Bitcoin The Dutch founder of a bitcoin ATM firm has gone to great lengths to highlight the digital currency -- implanting near-field communication (NFC) chips under his skin so he can use his hand to access his Bitcoin wallet. Martijn Wismeijer is the fo...

  • Massive Bitcoin heist sees hacker divert traffic from 19 ISPs

    wired.co.uk 08 Aug '14, 10am

    The attacker specifically targeted a collection of bitcoin mining "pools" -- bitcoin-producing cooperatives in which users contribute their computers' processing power and are rewarded with a cut of the resulting cryptocurrency the pool produces. The redirection technique tricked the ...

  • VC buys Silk Road bitcoin haul to help fintech startups:

    VC buys Silk Road bitcoin haul to help fintech startups

    wired.co.uk 03 Jul '14, 9am

    Bitcoin is an increasingly popular currency driven by a network of computers spread across the internet. With just 13 million bitcoins in circulation, it can be hard for new companies to buy large chunks of the digital currency without driving prices up. But the arrangement with Drape...

  • Single bitcoin will be worth $100,000 says Silicon Valley VC

    Single bitcoin will be worth $100,000 says Silicon Valley VC

    wired.co.uk 16 Jan '14, 10am

    But critics "systematically underestimated" the power of these technologies as platforms, he says. Platforms get developed. It can be hard to see where the improvements are coming from, but they happen nonetheless. "They get better at an exponential rate and all these criticisms go aw...

  • Why is it so hard to regulate Bitcoin?

    wired.co.uk 25 Jun '14, 2pm

    Although increasingly popular, Bitcoin has long been troubled by the ogres of criminal activity and poorly secured exchanges. But regulation continues to be a highly controversial topic, as a group of researchers in The Netherlands recently discovered. About three months ago, five of ...

  • Bitcoin will soon help you set up a charity, release Kickstarter funds and trace payments

    wired.co.uk 24 Dec '13, 9am

    Bitcoin's scripting language can handle transactions far more complex than simply "send money from X to Y". A payment can be made automatically the moment the majority of parties involved approve it -- useful to release Kickstarter funding or deal with business expenditures. Escrows c...

  • Thai central bank rules Bitcoin to be illegal

    Thai central bank rules Bitcoin to be illegal

    wired.co.uk 29 Jul '13, 3pm

    Senior members of the Foreign Exchange Administration and Policy Department concluded that because there were no existing laws that apply to Bitcoin and the fact that the cryptocurrency "straddles multiple financial facets", a wide range of Bitcoin activities should be illegal. These ...

  • London-based Bitcoin exchange Coinfloor opens for business

    London-based Bitcoin exchange Coinfloor opens for business

    wired.co.uk 29 Oct '13, 8am

    "However, we pride ourselves on our compliance even in the absence of regulatory guidance, and look forward to a point in the future when the HMRC and FCA may choose to regulate Bitcoin as a currency as we would be ready and confident about our immediate compliance," explains Coinfloo...