Netzke: Ext JS and Ruby on Rails components - Client-server GUI ...

A framework that facilitates writing reusable code with ExtJS and Rails.

Link: writelesscode.com

  • writelesscode - Starting with Netzke 1.0 development

    writelesscode.com 08 Aug '15, 11am

    were extremely generous to offer me an opportunity to do a full month of paid Netzke development so that I could release version 1.0. For the coming 3 months, however, I'll be near-fulltime busy with other client work (React + Rails all the way), so, I plan to get full-steam on Netzke...

  • Reedy: speed reading that actually works.

    Write Less Code - Reedy: speed reading that actually works

    writelesscode.com 16 May '14, 3pm

    Make sure that you do not articulate, make involuntary movements of the lips and tongue while reading a text. Try to perceive the text with your eyes; do not pronounce it to yourself. By the way, speed reading teaches you that. Because the higher the speed, the more difficult it becom...

  • Write Less Code - WEB-page rendering: what the front-end developer needs to know

    writelesscode.com 09 Jun '14, 11am

    Greetings, esteemed readers! Today, I would like to shed some light on the question of rendering in web development. Of course, a lot has been written on the topic, but it appears to me that all of the information is fragmented and disorganized. At least for me, in order to collect a ...

  • Write Less Code - End of Netzke development

    writelesscode.com 17 May '14, 8am

    I'm stopping with Netzke development. A couple more 0.10.x releases are still probable, as I am to finish a client's app with this version, but you shouldn't count on Ext JS 5 or Rails 4.1 support in the future. After a few years working on Netzke I have to admit (rather unwillingly) ...


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