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  • The Glimmer VM: Boots Fast and Stays Fast

    The Glimmer VM: Boots Fast and Stays Fast 05 Apr '17, 8pm

    Great web applications boot up fast and stay silky smooth once they've started. In other contexts, applications can choose quick loading or responsiveness once they've loaded. Great games can get away with a long loading bar as long as they react instantly once the gamer gets going. I...

  • The Maximal Usage Doctrine for Open Source 19 Apr '17, 12am

    I've worked on a number of open source projects over the past several years (the most prominent being Merb, Ruby on Rails and jQuery) and have begun to form some thoughts about the usage (aka adoption) of open source projects and the practical effects of license styles. The Playing Fi...

  • Why I'm Working on Yarn 11 Oct '16, 3pm

    (This post is about Yarn, a new JS package manager that was announced today .) I work with Node and npm packages almost every day, on Tilde's main app, Skylight, or on one of Ember's many packages. Many have remarked upon how fast the npm registry has grown, and it's hard to imagine w...

  • Here's to the Next 3 Years 04 Oct '16, 12am

    I officially joined Engine Yard on January 1, 2008, about a week before we announced our Series A funding, becoming its twenty-second employee. I was Engine Yard's very first "Engineering" hire, and I would spend the next year working on Ezra's Merb project, finally releasing Merb 1.0...

  • Ruby 1.9 Encodings: A Primer and the Solution for Rails 24 Nov '16, 7am

    UPDATE: The DataObjects drivers, which are used in DataMapper, are now updated to honor default_internal. Let's keep this moving. Since Ruby 1.9 announced support for encodings, there has been a flurry of activity to make existing libraries encoding aware, and a tornado of confusion a...

  • Optimistic Sci-Fi 24 May '15, 8pm

    I had forgotten how much I missed optimistic Science Fiction. When we look back at the history of science fiction, the first decade of the 21st century will be remembered for an adventure into grittiness, pessimism, and exploration of the devils, rather than angels of our nature. Perh...

  • Tokaido: My Hopes and Dreams 13 Apr '12, 6pm

    As part of this project, I plan to work with people who ship common native extensions to help them build and ship binary versions of their gems for OSX without external dependencies. Luis Lavena has been doing amazing work with rake-compiler to make this process easy on gem developers...

  • Tokaido Status Update: Implementation Details 05 Jun '12, 3pm

    scripting framework to build Tokaido, to make it easy to share code between rvm2, Tokaido, and the Unix Rails Installer. The majority of the work I have done so far has been in researching how to properly build a portable Ruby, and working with Michal to build the solution in terms of...

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