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  • Another #Escalation? #Putin Confirms Scope Of #Russian #Military Role In #Syria

    Putin Confirms Scope Of Russian Military Role In Syria

    zerohedge.com 05 Sep '15, 1pm

    So in other words, they’re at war, and even as Putin is now willing to admit, with a two year (at least) lag, that Russian boots are indeed on the ground, it may be a while before he admits to their role in direct combat and if Ukraine is any guide, he might never acknowledge the exte...

  • China Scrambles To Enforce Capital Controls (Which Is Great News For Bitcoin)

    China Scrambles To Enforce Capital Controls (Which Is Great News For Bitcoin)

    zerohedge.com 02 Sep '15, 4pm

    Well, no: shorting the yuan in a regime of devaluation is precisely what investors should do, however it is the dramatic intervention by the PBOC in the open market that has driven the relaxed fixing from 6.41 back to 6.36 in a week, that is what is most concerning to shorts. However,...

  • Seeking Alternatives? 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs Are Coming To Greece

    zerohedge.com 18 Aug '15, 7pm

    Bitcoin service provider and exchange Cubits has partnered with Greek bitcoin exchange BTCGreece to install 1,000 bitcoin ATMs and help small and medium sized businesses move money. “We are creating the ecosystem of bitcoin and blockchain solutions in the Greek market.” BTCGreece foun...

  • Bitcoin Battered After "Governance Coup"

    Bitcoin Battered After "Governance Coup"

    zerohedge.com 19 Aug '15, 3pm

    recent plunge in Bitcoin prices - from almost $318 at its peak during the Greek crisis, to $221 yesterday - is due to growing power struggle over the future of the cryptocurrency that is dividing its lead developers. On Saturday, a rival version of the current software was released by...

  • What Is Bitcoin XT: A Primer For Everyone

    zerohedge.com 23 Aug '15, 7pm

    No, summer71 is not correct, XT is merely the latest proof that Bitcoin is ungovernable. Two of the five core devs (developers who can commit Bitcoin changes to the network) are in open revolt and have launched their own version. If 100% of Bitcoin moves over, fine, it can continue. B...

  • Greeks Turn To Bitcoin To Dodge Capital Controls

    zerohedge.com 04 Jul '15, 1am

    Using bitcoin could allow Greeks to do one of the things that capital controls were put in place this week to prevent: transfer money out of their bank accounts and, if they wish, out of the country. "When people are trying to move money out of the country and the state is stopping th...

  • Head Of Collapsed Mt.Gox Exchange Arrested With Half A Billion In Bitcoin Still Unaccounted

    zerohedge.com 01 Aug '15, 4pm

    For a case study of a blistering rise and an absolutely epic fall of an exchange that i) was named after Magic: the Gathering and ii) transacted in a digital currency which many have speculated was conceived by the NSA nearly two decades ago and was used as a honeypot to trap the gull...

  • Bitcoin Surges After Initial Forecasts Show "No" Vote Ahead

    Bitcoin Surges After Initial Forecasts Show "No" Vote Ahead

    zerohedge.com 05 Jul '15, 4pm

    @Soul Glow : The problem is they've been able to make a derivative paper nightmare out of gold. Probably means gold will be either flat or down again this week based on a "no" vote when logic would say it should spike hard. Until the CTRL ALT PRINT button stops working I expect them t...