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  • Is Bitcoin Money?

    Is Bitcoin Money?

    zerohedge.com 23 Jun '17, 9am

    Authored by Valentin Schmid via The Epoch Times, Up 158 percent against the U.S. dollar this year, bitcoin is now the best-performing currency . Many are confused as to how this mathematical protocol can be worth more than $2,600, and why it keeps going up. The short answer: Bitcoin i...

  • Bitcoin In Perspective: Bill Gates Worth More, Gold 200 Times More

    Bitcoin In Perspective: Bill Gates Worth More, Gold 200 Times More

    zerohedge.com 23 Jun '17, 3am

    Last year, Bitcoin became more stable than gold, and earlier this year, the price of a Bitcoin surpassed that of an ounce of gold for the first time. Currently, all the bitcoin in the world is worth $41 billion. If that amount is hard to grasp, just think of it as one Larry Page – bec...

  • Bitcoin Surges Back Above $2700 As India "Legalizes" Cryptocurrency

    zerohedge.com 21 Jun '17, 3am

    Guys.. Seriously, having some BTC and even ALTcoins is great and you will do very well over the years. However, the really big money is in mining the cryptos themselves. Think about it, who made the huge money during the 1850’s gold rush? Yes it was the guys who were in the trenches d...

  • You Won't Believe This Stupid New Law Against Cash And Bitcoin

    zerohedge.com 14 Jun '17, 9pm

    It is kind of sad how the authorities will not let people alone to live their lives. For those who know their way in and out of bitcoin it is a wide open secret that there are people - especially those who are downtrodden yet still have connections are suddenly happy and upbeat thanks...

  • Is The People's Bank Of China Manipulating The Bitcoin Price?

    Is The People's Bank Of China Manipulating The Bitcoin Price?

    zerohedge.com 16 Jun '17, 2am

    “So why has the Chinese regime been targeting bitcoin other than it being a democratic currency? There are a few reasons. First Chinese people can use bitcoin to get their money out of China. The Chinese regime has limits on the amount of foreign currency people can buy. But Chinese i...

  • Bitcoin Plunges To 2-Week Lows On Triple-Whammy Of Concerns

    zerohedge.com 15 Jun '17, 12pm

    Don't get me wrong - I think block chain has some amazing potential. I have some Bitcoin and ether because I want to understand how it works. That doesn't mean I don't have great concerns about the future of crypto. Not because "what if the internet stops" or some dumb shit like that....

  • "Due To Popular Demand" Goldman Starts Covering Bitcoin | Zero Hedge

    "Due To Popular Demand" Goldman Starts Covering Bitcoin

    zerohedge.com 12 Jun '17, 8pm

    It's official: not only has bitcoin officially made its way to Wall Street, but confirming rumors that emerged over the weekend , "hedge" funds - starved of volatility in virtually all other asset classes - are now not only actively trading the volatile digital currency, but as client...

  • Raoul Pal Warns Bitcoin Is A Mania, Not A Store Of Value... "I Sold-Out Last Week"

    zerohedge.com 13 Jun '17, 9pm

    [SR] new SafelyGraze Raffie Jun 13, 2017 5:43 PM yet another fear-mongering diatribe about bitcon first, the bitcon 21 million limit is guaranteed by a line of code containing that number [T] Oh really? It has nothing to do with the number of bits in computer words and that kind of th...