31 Aug '17, 5pm

When Gavin Andresen visited the CIA in 2011, it lead to 30 pages of debate.

I want to get this out in the open because it is the kind of thing that will generate conspiracy theories: I'm going to give a presentation about Bitcoin at CIA headquarters in June at an emerging technologies conference for the US intelligence community. I accepted the invitation to speak because the fact that I was invited means Bitcoin is already on their radar, and I think it might be a good chance to talk about why I think Bitcoin will make the world a better place. I think the goals of this project are to create a better currency, create a more competitive and efficient international payment system, and give people more direct control over their finances. And I don't think any of those goals are incompatible with the goals of government. I'm only very slightly worried that talking about bitcoin at the CIA will increase the chances they'll try to do something we don't...

Full article: https://bitcointalk.org/?topic=6652.0