26 May '13, 11pm

Zerocoin when? #bitcoin

Quote from: luv2drnkbr on May 26, 2013, 10:16:59 PM Posting here in the hopes Gavin sees it... Are there any plans for a zerocoin hard fork implementation in the future? Not even the near future, but any future. Or is that just not at all in the cards? Plenty of people other than Gavin are perfectly competent to answer this question. I've split your post off of the 0.8.2rc3 thread. Please don't make off-topic posts just to try to reach specific parties. As zerocoin is currently designed it is not viable as a production component in Bitcoin: * >40kbyte signatures (the authors of the paper give some hand wave at a DHT but this doesn't meaningfully solve the problems created by enormous transactions: the parties interested in them and all full nodes must transfer them to validate them) * Requires a trusted party to initialize the accumulator (there may be some multiparty comp...

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