03 Oct '13, 6pm

Hottest links: FOMC, HLF, Birthday Cake, Bitcoin, 'Smart' Beta

Hottest links: FOMC, HLF, Birthday Cake, Bitcoin, 'Smart' Beta

Top stories for today include; Herbalife is back, you thought that was over, but its not. Tim Ramey is firing (more shots at Bill Ackman); Carl Icahn is also back (sorta) but this time it has to do with activism in Europe (not Apple or Herbalife); One of our favorite linkfests has launched a new site, check out the manifesto; On value investing in retail especially restaurants; FOMC stands for fairly obvious manipulated committee? see the chart; Why most traders fail, a tale from a hedge fund manager; Dan Loeb strikes back this time against BID; The value anomaly; Man gets arrested for eating birthday cake, but he was not the only one who had a bad day yesterday, meet the Winklevoss twins; That and more below.

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@faraheltahawy Can I have this for my birthday?

charleskeith.com 07 Oct '13, 7pm

Shop the online store for Charles & Keith's in-house designer shoes. At CharlesKeith.com, you can find fashionable sky hig...

Happy Birthday Madoka

Happy Birthday Madoka

gordonator.com 04 Oct '13, 10am

Madoka Magica’s writer Gen Urobuchi 虚淵 玄 reveals why Kaname Madoka birthday is on October 3. Madoka Magica started on its ...

Wanna include us in your party plans? Give us a call ya! Have a look Florence's birthday here ^_^ Many happy...

Wanna include us in your party plans? Give us a...

smashpop.net 07 Oct '13, 5am

So sometime back, we celebrated Florence’s 21st birthday. OMG so young. The dinner was at WonderMama, Bangsar Village. Ama...

Happy Birthday to our Navy

history.navy.mil 13 Oct '13, 2pm

Celebrating the Navy Bicentennial, Captain R. A. Miller gives a hand to the oldest and youngest sailors on board USS Coron...