29 Dec '14, 12am

Bloomberg: Bitcoin was World's Worst Currency in 2014

"So what are the lessons from this year's currency losers? Being at war is worse for a currency than not being at war, whether you're fighting the world's financial authorities for legal validity, or engaged in a guerrilla skirmish as either aggressor or victim. Having friends with deep pockets helps when you get into trouble; Russia does, while Ukraine's international agency pals are hamstrung by their lending rules," Bloomberg writes. "Most of bitcoin's supporters, meanwhile, seem to be hackers whose resources depend upon the Ponzi-scheme nature of the enterprise itself."

Full article: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2474241,00.asp


Bitcoin Named Worst-Performing Currency of 2014

Bitcoin Named Worst-Performing Currency of 2014

entrepreneur.com 29 Dec '14, 6pm

If Bitcoin received a year-end grade for value, it would be a giant F. While Bitcoin buzz and adoption experienced a healt...