30 Jul '12, 8am

Julian Assange Show: Cypherpunks Discuss Bitcoin #bitcoin

Censorship is a pain in the ass, but the collection and storage of any and every communication that isn't whispered directly into the ear of someone in person, privately in an empty room thats been swept for listening devices is a greater concern. Basically, the wholesale´╗┐ loss of privacy. I value my privacy as highly as corporations values its their trade secrets. I want government espionage committed against its civilian population to be as illegal as corporate espionage.

Full article: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPebAr7ST-E#t=24m13s


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#Bitcoin at Assembly 2012! Check out all the details from here, including the Helsinki Bitcoin meetup! #asms12

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Due to the international nature of Assembly we are releasing this information in English. The first question for many of y...