21 Feb '16, 10pm

Syscoin February Update and plans:

Syscoin February Update and plans:

Following launch we have a very busy schedule. Our top priority is integration with eBay and Etsy, and any other smaller, personally-owned type marketplaces which the Syscoin marketplace can replace and out-feature on a number of levels from uptime to lower fees to lack of censorship and control over exactly who sees what in your store. Syscoin stores also allow for reselling so eBay merchants who utilize the Syscoin marketplace can enjoy increased reach and revenue through resellers if they choose to allow reselling of their items. They can even control who, specifically, is allowed to resell their items and assign individual discounts (think wholesalers v. retailers). We aim to deliver at least one (if not more) integrations with these types of centralized marketplaces to enable them with the benefits of decentralization within the first 6months of 2016. We will roll out...

Full article: http://syscoin.org/syscoin-2-0-february-interim-update/


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Syscoin is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that not only allows low-cost financial transactions like Bitcoin, but provides ...