30 Jul '16, 3am

#HEAT Ledger, #blockchain 3.0! The ICO is live.

#HEAT Ledger, #blockchain 3.0! The ICO is live.

6. Finally and perhaps most important to all investors it will be possible to follow in real life the added revenue streams in the form of added bonuses of 2-3 Prelaunch ICO's and their ICO prelaunch campaign packages. Meaning, apart from the subscription fees added to the revenue stream, a 3% of all the ICO sales going via the ICOO subscription will be paid to the ICOO after CCEDK costs have been deducted, expected minimum 50% of this amount each time. This 3% received will be converted into ICOO buying them from the market, asuming the ICO of the token has terminated, and this amount of ICOO will then be burned on the same day as any buyback and burning is taking place, most probably first time August 3rd. 2016

Full article: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1479359.msg156581...


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ガハハ。キター!ICO https://t.co/0KRLnApKgm

ガハハ。キター!ICO https://t.co/0KRLnApKgm

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PokèCoin is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency and this means that you can only mine and support the network holding coins in...

#Stratis Update:

#Stratis Update:

stratisplatform.com 27 Jul '16, 10pm

The Stratis team would like to thank all participants on a successful ICO. The support everyone has shown us has been amaz...

Let's Talk Bitcoin LIVE! #303 The Title and the...

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On this special Live episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin!, Adam Levine and Pamela Morgan sit down with Ragnar Lifthrasir of the ...

第1阶段在不到四个小时售罄。 倒计时第2阶段,从今天开始。- https://t.co/91p43kzZ6y - #比特币 #Bitcoin #Beijing

第1阶段在不到四个小时售罄。 倒计时第2阶段,从今天开始。- https://t.co/91p...

vericoin.info 31 Jul '16, 9am

Phase 1 sold out in less than 4 hours! Countdown for Phase 2, starting on day 13.