29 Oct '12, 10am

Economics of SilkRoad Bitcoin's illegal drug market @bendiken @susansteed (anon but transparent = good data!)

We perform a comprehensive measurement analysis of Silk Road, an anonymous, international online marketplace that operates as a Tor hidden service and uses Bitcoin as its exchange currency. We gather and analyze data over eight months between the end of 2011 and 2012, including daily crawls of the marketplace for nearly six months in 2012. We obtain a detailed picture of the type of goods being sold on Silk Road, and of the revenues made both by sellers and Silk Road operators. Through examining over 24,400 separate items sold on the site, we show that Silk Road is overwhelmingly used as a market for controlled substances and narcotics. A relatively small "core" of about 60 sellers has been present throughout our measurement interval, while the majority of sellers leaves (or goes "underground") within a couple of weeks of their first appearance. We evaluate the total reven...

Full article: http://arxiv.org/abs/1207.7139


Whitehill Road, Crowborough

buses.co.uk 31 Oct '12, 10am

Whitehill Road is due to be resurfaced on these dates. On Monday 5 November, the road will be closed from 9.30am to 4pm, a...