28 Dec '12, 2pm

Us folk at the #WWTID... Now accepting #bitcoin donations.

Us folk at the #WWTID... Now accepting #bitcoin donations.

I just got back from Sydney, Australia, where I participated in a unique lab that focused on creating sustainable platforms for the country’s leading film projects. The multi-platform space is no doubt an exciting one, and not without its debates, but I wanted to focus this post on the subject of my talk down there, the notion of building intelligence . It seems that every article these days has some mention of “Big Data”. And as companies wrestle with the fact that their legacy systems can’t handle reams of information they’re supposed to collect, process and manage, their markets and their customers lie in wait. And marketing? Well, talk about the emperor having no clothes… So what is it about this data and marketing thing that is so elusive? Let’s take a brief look at history. In the 50s and 60s, trucking and distribution routes formed hubs that allowed companies to rea...

Full article: http://www.wwtid.com/


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The Mystery of Bitcoin

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