25 Nov '17, 11pm

A Report on the Ruby on Rails Programming Language by meme4566

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Full article: https://www.freelancer.com/projects/ruby-on-rails/report-...


Need Ruby On Rails Developer by mosiddiqui

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Newbies Introduction to Ruby on Rails

dev.to 25 Nov '17, 1pm

Originally posted on my personal blog http://haidrali.com/newbies-introduction-to-ruby-on-rails Note: This tutorial is int...

Ask HN: Ruby on Rails: is it still worth in 2018?

news.ycombinator.com 25 Nov '17, 4pm

Absolutely. If you're building a POC or MVP it's a quick and easy way to get something off the ground. The framework will ...

plugin needed on ruby and rails by gowdagomathy

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back end developer needed for dot net i am looking for developer to work my server back end and also to add features , wor...