25 Feb '13, 4am

3 and 1/2 years later, Module#prepend finally lands!

Hi Yehuda and all, I started burbling away and haven't done any intros. That's a bit rude of me! I've been using Ruby for almost seven years. In large part it is Ruby's lispiness that sucked me in---after having used lisp at uni. For that time I've mostly been lurking, but feel like I half-know what I'm talking about now! And so, after a self-imposed exile from ruby- talk after I was given the shits, I thought I should properly jump back in. (I needed to supply the list bot with a surname, so I chose "because", for reasons which may be apparent to some.) In that time, I've been bad by having been a bit of a hoarder, but I will release at least a few thousand of lines of code in the context of a code distribution system I've been working on for a while (It plays in a rudimentary way nicely with Rubygems and I'm going to have to do something with git too...)(HINT: $REMOTE_LO...

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