29 Mar '13, 3pm

redmineのnoteにリンクを張りたい場合 #1234#note-3 って書ける! Feature #2715: "Magic links" to notes - Redmine

I tested the patch from Etienne Massip on 1.1.2 and (with some manual fiddle to fix the failed patching) it works well. Thanks! While we are at this, can we add yet another syntax to refer to notes within the same issue? I.e., note:5 refers to note 5 of the same issue. I used ":" instead of "-" since the former is in the spirit of "commit:f30e13e43" and "source:some/file" #2715 (or maybe we should use #2715:14 for consistency) refers to note 14 of issue #2715 .

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/issues/2715


Feature #2048: Code Review Module - Redmine

redmine.org 31 Mar '13, 9am

Agreed, I use redmine at work for several projects and we would benefit from repository comments. I would like to replicat...


redmine.org 30 Mar '13, 8am

Please add an option to the watchers if they should receive a reminder mail too. sometimes it's usefull that all related p...

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