29 Mar '13, 5pm

WOW, thanks to @rbates for introducing me to the Bullet gem

This is what the N+1 query problem is: making a query to fetch the parent then any number of child queries to fetch the other records. This kind of problem can be easy to overlook and this is where Bullet comes in useful. We’ll add it to our application’s gemfile, but only in the development group, then run

Full article: http://railscasts.com/episodes/372-bullet?view=asciicast


Is hemp the silver bullet for fighting climate ...

news.mongabay.com 30 Mar '13, 8pm

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Bullet time with a single GoPro

Bullet time with a single GoPro

hackaday.com 20 Mar '13, 7pm

I know that the multiple camera method works, but I also know that many production companies have moved to a new method of...