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みてる: Rubyist Magazine - Sinatra 再入門、 Padrino / Rack / その先の何か -

$ gem install sinatra $ cat <<EOS > app.rb require 'rubygems' require 'sinatra' get '/' do "Hello, World" end EOS $ ruby app.rb #=> http://localhost:4567/ にアクセス

Full article: http://jp.rubyist.net/magazine/?0036-SinatraReintroduction


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Documented History of the 1970s Salsa Explosion Profiles of Latin Music Legends and Historical Events

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is a simple domain-specific language that is minimalistic. In this episode, we will explore the basics of Sinatra such as ...

Rubyist 利権 だと がひっかかった。ふむふむ。

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