29 Apr '13, 6pm


Designed for Rack , the standard for modern Ruby HTTP applications. Built on Unicorn , inheriting its process/socket management features such as transparent upgrades and Ruby configuration DSL. As with Unicorn, it is able to stream large request bodies off the socket to the application while the client is still uploading. Since Rainbows! can handle slow clients, this feature is more useful than it is with Unicorn. Combines heavyweight concurrency (worker processes) with lightweight concurrency (Events/Fibers/Actors/Threads), allowing CPU/memory/disk to be scaled independently of client connections. More concurrency models (listed in the TODO ) will be supported as we find time for them. We give you lots of options with more on the way .

Full article: http://rainbows.rubyforge.org/


Using unicorn with Heroku? you probably want to...

rubyforge.org 27 Apr '13, 11am

> The request body doesn't seem to be there, presumably because Heroku > > isn't sending it. > > > > Doe heroku fully buff...