24 Jun '13, 4am

chruby 0.3.6 and ruby-install 0.2.0 released!

chruby 0.3.6 and ruby-install 0.2.0 released! Posted by postmodern on June 24, 2013 — 0 comments Released chruby 0.3.6 and ruby-install 0.2.0 . chruby is an ultra-minimal Ruby switcher (~90 LoC), that does one thing and one thing only, switches Rubies. ruby-install downloads, compiles and installs any version of Ruby , JRuby , Rubinius or MagLev . ruby-install supports automatically installing into ~/.rubies / /opt/rubies and can install additional dependencies using your system's package manager. Comments “ ” Post a Comment Comment abilities for non registered users are currently deactivated, pending time to add a proper CAPTCHA to solve the escalating spam problem. Sorry!

Full article: http://www.rubyflow.com/items/9462-chruby-0-3-6-and-ruby-...


Attrio 0.4 released

rubyflow.com 24 Jun '13, 3pm

Today we released Attrio-0.4 (attributes manager for plain old Ruby objects). In this release several issues were fixed bu...

Rails 4.0: Final version released!

weblog.rubyonrails.org 25 Jun '13, 2pm

Rails 4.0 is finally ready after a thorough process of betas and release candidates. It's an amazing new version packed wi...

Bitcoin-Qt / bitcoind version 0.8.3 released:

sourceforge.net 25 Jun '13, 6pm

Bitcoin-Qt version 0.8.3 is now available from: http://sourceforge.net/projects/bitcoin/files/Bitcoin/bitcoin-0.8.3/ This ...