30 Jun '13, 11pm

いまQiitaで人気の投稿です! / Rails開発環境の構築(rbenvでRuby導入からBundler、Rails導入まで) by @emadurandal on @Qiita

$CONFIGURE_OPTS="--with-openssl-dir=/opt/local --with-readline-dir=/opt/local --with-iconv-dir=/opt/local" rbenv install 1.8.7-p370 ERROR: This package must be compiled with GCC, but ruby-build couldn't find a suitable `gcc` executable on your system. Please install GCC and try again. DETAILS: Apple no longer includes the official GCC compiler with Xcode as of version 4.2. Instead, the `gcc` executable is a symlink to `llvm-gcc`, a modified version of GCC which outputs LLVM bytecode. For most programs the `llvm-gcc` compiler works fine. However, versions of Ruby older than 1.9.3-p125 are incompatible with `llvm-gcc`. To build older versions of Ruby you must have the official GCC compiler installed on your system. TO FIX THE PROBLEM: Install the official GCC compiler using these packages: https://github.com/kennethreitz/osx-gcc-installer/downloads You will need to install t...

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