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How To Edit An Existing Vim Macro:

You've just written an awesome vim macro and stopped recording. However, when you try an run the macro you realize that you forgot to add a ^ to the beginning of it and now it only works if you go back to the beginning of the line before running it. You might be thinking that its time to re-record, but there are two simple ways to edit an existing macro instead.

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“Vim Macros and You” #vim #greatread

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Josh Clayton January 06, 2012 vim Ever get the urge to update a ton of files? I know I do. For example, I recently changed...

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How To Edit Your Facebook Look Back Video

How To Edit Your Facebook Look Back Video

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Facebook has finally roll out the the feature that lets you edit your Look Back Video, I am not too sure whether the featu...

Nice collection of Vim articles: #programming

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Ming: Nice. Love is one of a kind. Great listeners. Very good at confusing people. Lover not a fighter, but will still kno...