28 Mar '14, 10pm

The Advent of Aereo via @pivotallabs

Remember those good ol’ rabbit ears ? Decades ago, antennas were the popular television signal of choice: they picked up over-the-air (OTA) signals that would display images on your TV. When cable brought high-quality television to the masses, it gradually absorbed the popularity of OTA signals. But a few years ago, the government and broadcasters breathed new life into OTA. The Globe and Mail wrote, “While virtually dead 10 years ago, OTA television has had a renaissance in North America over the last few years after governments in Canada and the United States legislated conventional television broadcasters switch their mode of signal transmission from 1950′s era analogue to 21st century digital.” This switch meant that HD channels are now being streamed, and all you need is a pair of rabbit ears to watch them. With the introduction of Aereo, you can essentially PVR this ...

Full article: http://pivotallabs.com/advent-aereo/


Why I Joined Pivotal Labs via @jshack

pivotallabs.com 18 Mar '14, 10pm

Pivotal Labs has helped more startups succeed than any development shop I know. In the end, the decision to join Pivotal w...