31 Mar '14, 5pm

@p_balduino I believe they broke the project into separate pieces, I recommend you listen to where they talk about it

Taking the discussion in a slightly different direction, in addition to all those pieces you’ve made that are under the rom-rb that we’ve been talking heavily about, session and stuff, you’ve made a lot of other little projects. And when I was looking into ROM, I just went and looked at the dependencies on the gems and started walking through those dependencies and a lot of them are simple little projects useful outside of ROM itself, just useful in a more general sense. So I’m thinking of concord and equalizer and adamantium, which help just build simple Ruby objects and stuff. Has that all just come out of what you’ve needed as you’re building the project? Because there are some cool libraries in there.

Full article: http://rubyrogues.com/123-rr-rom-with-piotr-solnica/


rom (0.2.0): Ruby Object Mapper

rubygems.org 06 Apr '14, 9pm

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