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New Relic has over 25,000 active accounts that monitor and manage over 500,000 application instances each day. This translates into over 55 Billion metrics captured each day, and over 1.5 Billion page views per day across 190,000 domains. This is our first cut at an aggregate view of our customer’s data, based on customers that opt-in to the App Speed Index . * The New Relic average values are calculated nightly and are based on all applications monitored by New Relic. ** The Global Benchmark values represent the expected user experience from global web application users. In short, people want fast pages. Feedback encouraged! Go here or give it to us via email at [email protected]

Full article: http://newrelic.com/app-speed-index#Speed-Marketing-site


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PagerDuty is an alarm dispatching and on-call management service for system administrators and support teams. PagerDuty co...

New Relicってたんに呼んだ場合はこの製品だよね多分

New Relicってたんに呼んだ場合はこの製品だよね多分

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Cross Application Tracing enables users to monitor highly distributed and service-oriented applications. New Relic traces ...

Application Performance Management & Monitoring

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“The key to monitoring the app and then rapidly determining the cause of a potential issue is seeing the transaction in co...

This week's sponsor: New Relic

This week's sponsor: New Relic

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Real Time Application Monitoring Actionable insights to monitor & improve the performance of your applications Create My F...