29 Aug '14, 2pm

Running a #java or #ruby app in #OpenShift? We've got the cartridge for you:

Running a #java or #ruby app in #OpenShift? We've got the cartridge for you:

Welcome to the TraceView OpenShift Cartridge This is a downloadable TraceView cartridge for Application Performance Monitoring on OpenShift . This downloadable cartridge installs the base TraceView libraries required to properly instrument your OpenShift application. This is currently a work in progress. Currently, you can fully instrument your Ruby applications on OpenShift by using a combination of this cartridge and the TraceView oboe gem . Other language variations coming soon. Installation Specifying your TraceView Access Key It's required that before installation of the cartridge, that you add your TraceView Access Key to your OpenShift application. Make sure you have a TraceView account already setup. If not, you can quickly sign up for a free tracing account . Once you have your TraceView account, you can retrieve your Access Key on your dashboard . Add your Access...

Full article: https://github.com/appneta/openshift-cartridge-traceview


Running And Renewal

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