30 Apr '12, 2am

Sam Ruby: WebSocket Demos

WebSocket Demos Mon 30 Apr 2012 at 01:33 chat implements a shared textarea field across multiple clients. Demonstrates bi-directional communication. diskusage is more typical of my usage. The `du` command produces tabular output that the user may want to sort different ways and yet is may take considerable time to complete.

Full article: http://www.intertwingly.net/blog/2012/04/29/WebSocket-Demos


RIM demos BlackBerry advantage with extreme cha...

soyacincau.com 29 Apr '12, 9am

To break any misconceptions of BlackBerry and to prove that it is still relevant today, RIM has released a series of Black...

Ruby Forum - Italian Ruby user group:

ruby-forum.com 01 May '12, 8pm

Forum: Italian Ruby user group Forum List | New Topic | Search | Register | User List | Log In Page 1 >> Subject Author Re...

Sam Ruby: Wunderbar on Rails

intertwingly.net 24 Apr '12, 10pm

Wunderbar on Rails Tue 24 Apr 2012 at 21:12 Usage: add wunderbar and nokogiri to your Gemfile and run bundle install . Tem...

うおお、17回までひと通り終わったあああ - Ruby on Rails 3.0 日記

うおお、17回までひと通り終わったあああ - Ruby on Rails 3.0 日記

oiax.jp 29 Apr '12, 2pm

2010年4月13日、Ruby on Rails 3.0 Beta 3 がリリースされました。 プログラミング言語 Ruby で記述されたもう一つの Web アプリケーション開発フレームワーク Merb との「統合」が発表されたのは、2008年...

@ijonas Even Ruby people think that's a bad idea

railstips.org 03 May '12, 9am

The only people that don’t like “unless” are either: A) Old school programmers, which I can understand. B) Blog followers,...