30 Apr '12, 11am

Agradecería si alguien de @the_melee con OSX/Ruby me guiara vía TeamViewer o similar a instalar una maldita gem de Ruby

RedCloth 4.2.9 Textile parser for Ruby. install gem install RedCloth Download Subscribe Stats Authors Jason Garber, why the lucky stiff, Ola Bini 992,152 total downloads 133,897 for this version Owners Links Homepage Source Code Documentation Mailing List Bug Tracker Gemfile gem "RedCloth", "~> 4.2.9" Versions 4.2.9 November 27, 2011 x86-mswin32-60 4.2.9 November 27, 2011 x86-mingw32 4.2.9 November 27, 2011 java 4.2.9 November 27, 2011 4.2.8 August 17, 2011 Show all versions (67 total) Development Dependencies bundler ~> 1.0.10 diff-lcs ~> 1.1.2 rake ~> 0.8.7 rake-compiler ~> 0.7.1 rspec ~> 2.4 rvm ~> 1.2.6

Full article: http://rubygems.org/gems/RedCloth


dub | | your community gem host:

rubygems.org 29 Apr '12, 9pm

This is a tool to ease the creation of scripting language bindings for a C++ library. It is currently developed to crete t...

Ruby Forum - Italian Ruby user group:

ruby-forum.com 01 May '12, 8pm

Forum: Italian Ruby user group Forum List | New Topic | Search | Register | User List | Log In Page 1 >> Subject Author Re...

Now Browsing: arproxy | | your community gem host

rubygems.org 29 Apr '12, 9am

Arproxy is a proxy between ActiveRecord and database adapter

ruby-gmail | | your community gem host

rubygems.org 08 May '12, 3am

A Rubyesque interface to Gmail, with all the tools you'll need. Search, read and send multipart emails; archive, mark as r...

A new version of the ibm_db gem has just been r...

rubygems.org 01 May '12, 10pm

Rails Driver and Adapter for IBM Data Servers: {DB2 on Linux/Unix/Windows, DB2 on zOS, DB2 on i5/OS, Informix (IDS)}

omniauth-scaffold (0.1.9): Scaffold for OmniAuth.

rubygems.org 07 May '12, 12am

omniauth-scaffold 0.1.8 Scaffold for OmniAuth. install gem install omniauth-scaffold Download Subscribe Stats Authors Shun...

Sortie de #Ruby 1.9.3-p194

ruby-lang.org 23 Apr '12, 7am

Ruby 1.9.3-p194 a été publié. Cette version inclut un correctif de sécurité pour RubyGems : elle corrige l'échec de la vér...

My gem has 427 downloads?!

rubygems.org 12 May '12, 6am

Allows you to fetch results from OEIS using a list of integers

ruby-freshbooks | | your community gem host #er...

rubygems.org 05 May '12, 5am

ruby-freshbooks 0.4.1 simple FreshBooks API wrapper. supports both OAuth and API token authentication install gem install ...

Mercedes Benz diseño una linea de muebles #design

Mercedes Benz diseño una linea de muebles #design

luxuo.fr 27 Apr '12, 6pm

Mercedes-Benz au nouvel aéroport de Berlin Le constructeur automobile de luxe Mercedes-Benz aura une place importante dans...

New blog post: El examen de Du Fu entrada

singaporesales.sg 24 Apr '12, 2am

Se trata de una soleada maana de verano, todo a su alrededor en una respiración profunda, como si en un apretado la prepar...