19 May '12, 7am

Install Redmine 2.0 on CentOS 6.0, always development ...: It was said in "Redmine on CentOS installatio... #CentOS

It was said in "Redmine on CentOS installation HOWTO" Uncomment the following line at top of the file /var/www/redmine/config/environment.rb: ENV['RAILS_ENV'] ||= 'production' There is these code in Redmine 1.4 but not in Redmine 2.0 I add this line into environment.rb, but it's not useful. Environment is still development. Still read development entries in database.yml.

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HowTo Install Redmine in Apache Tomcat¶ As I'm running an Apache Tomcat Server already, I wanted to run redmine in it with...

“Redmine 2.0.0 released - Redmine”

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Redmine 2.0.0 drops Rails 2.3 (which is no longer maintained by the Rails team) in favour of the latest Rails 3 release, a...