28 Apr '15, 4pm

JRuby Released

JRuby 9000 includes an in-development version of support for the Truffle language implementation framework and Graal VM from Oracle Labs. In future releases, Truffle will provide an extremely high performance and compatible backend for JRuby. The Truffle backend supports all Ruby language features, but so far only some of the core and standard libraries. It has no support for RubyGems or Rails, does not work on Windows, and is not ready to be tested with applications at this stage. More information on Truffle and Graal can be found in the

Full article: http://jruby.org/2015/04/28/jruby-9-0-0-0-pre2.html


swift_client v0.0.8 released

rubyflow.com 28 Apr '15, 7am

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By popular demand, we've restored the JRuby 1.7...

jruby.org 07 May '15, 1pm

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