17 Jul '12, 1pm

Redmine 2.1 から 「ユーザ」が「ユーザー」になる。shinagawa.redmineで聞いてみたときは「ユーザ」派が大多数だったけど。

The long sound representation ("ー") is disorderly used in the Japanese translation. For instance, "text_repository_usernames_mapping" uses "ユーザー", and "default_doc_category_user" uses "ユーザ", both meaning the same thing ("User"). The attached patch addresses the problem by changing all "ユーザ" to "ユーザー", as the latter one is the standard representation. I think there are no other words that need to be fixed regarding this problem.

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/issues/11411


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