25 Jul '12, 6pm

Super useful #railscast about #rails validations and forms

Rails 3 offers several new additions to validations. Here learn how to make a custom error_messages partial, reflect on validations, and clean up complex validations in a model.

Full article: http://railscasts.com/episodes/211-validations-in-rails-3


What's New in Edge Rails #31

afreshcup.com 30 Jul '12, 12pm

Monday, July 30, 2012 at 6:24AM Week of July 23 - July 29, 2012 Biggest change this week is probably the introduction of A...

Minimal I18n with Rails 3.2

rubylearning.com 24 Jul '12, 5am

Throughout this article, I’ll use Brazilian Portuguese and Brazil as an example non-English language and culture. You have...

Ruby on Rails Guides (edge) - #rails #ruby

edgeguides.rubyonrails.org 23 Jul '12, 10am

Ruby on Rails Guides (580fa0c) These are Edge Guides , based on the current master branch. If you are looking for the ones...

#270 Authentication in Rails 3.1 - RailsCasts:

railscasts.com 26 Jul '12, 7am

Here I show off three new features in Rails 3.1 that will help with authentication: easier HTTP Basic, SecurePassword in t...

Riding Rails: What is docrails?

weblog.rubyonrails.org 22 Jul '12, 9pm

Over the years I have seen some confusion about what is exactly docrails and how it relates to the documentation of Ruby o...

[ANN] Rails 3.2.7.rc1 has been released! #rails

ruby-forum.com 24 Jul '12, 1am

Hi everyone! I've pushed a release candidate for Rails 3.2.7. Please try it out! If you find any bugs present in the 3.2.7...

Rails 3.2.7 has been released! Read about it here:

weblog.rubyonrails.org 26 Jul '12, 10pm

Good news everyone! Rails version 3.2.7 has been released. This version contains an important security fix, please upgrade...

Chaque jour j'ai de nouvelles raisons d'aimer R...

railscasts.com 27 Jul '12, 5pm

We’ll implement this by using a feature that was introduced in Rails 3: ActiveSupport::Notifications . We can use notifica...

Riding Rails: Rails and the Enterprise:

weblog.rubyonrails.org 22 Jul '12, 5am

The Enterprise is evolving: economic crisis, a new generation of developers, new management, insane deadlines. Ruby and Ra...

Minimal I18n with Rails 3.2

rubyflow.com 24 Jul '12, 5am

Minimal I18n with Rails 3.2 Posted by IndianGuru on July 24, 2012 — 0 comments Fabio Akita talks about internationalizatio...

Ruby on Rails:

railsapi.com 23 Jul '12, 6am