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ErRuby - an implementation of the Ruby on Erlang Cc @yukihiro_matz #altruby

ErRuby - an implementaion of the Ruby language on Erlang About ErRuby is an implementaion of the Ruby language using Erlang. It aims to bring some concurrency features to ruby by experimenting. It's still a work in progress. So use it at your own rist. Install Prerequisites erlang vm rebar2 ruby To install erlang & erbar on OSX, using homebrew brew install erlang rebar Building After getting the source of ErRuby, you have to get the gems for parser to work with bundler using: bundle install Then get the deps of erlang modules by using: rebar get-deps Last, compile ErRuby with: rebar compile Test the binary with: ./erruby rb_test/hello_world.rb It should output hello world License ErRuby is licensed to you under MIT license. See the COPYING.txt file for more details.

Full article: https://github.com/johnlinvc/erruby/blob/develop/README.md


One more Enums implementation in Ruby. What for?

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