11 Sep '12, 10am

Bundler tip: Always specify gem versions #rails

The Rails ecosystem moves quickly–too quickly, some might say–and as a result a given library’s API from just a few months ago may be deprecated today–or worse, it may just no longer work. Running bundle install with the Gemfile as-is, I could get gem versions that are no longer compatible with a legacy version of Rails. Or potentially worse, I could get gem versions with drastically rewritten APIs–very difficult to debug without a solid suite of tests. (The codebase in question lacks test coverage, too, but that’s a different subject.)

Full article: http://everydayrails.com/2012/09/11/bundler-rails-specify...


Always Be Prepared

Always Be Prepared

The driver of this taxi told me that when he sets out on the rode for each shift, he makes sure that he's prepared. Beside...

New Bundler Yo! bundler (1.2.1) #bundler

rubygems.org 19 Sep '12, 10am

Bundler manages an application's dependencies through its entire life, across many machines, systematically and repeatably

No,No, this is just too much!!

No,No, this is just too much!!

kurtgeiger.com 21 Sep '12, 12pm

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oEmbed gem

rubyflow.ru 17 Sep '12, 6am

require 'oembed' class Instagram include Oembed::Client def endpoint_uri 'http://api.instagram.com/oembed' end end client ...

I just released another version of my simple_ca...

rubygems.org 08 Sep '12, 2pm

simple_calendar 0.0.7 A simple Rails 3 calendar install gem install simple_calendar Download Documentation Subscribe Stats...