29 Apr '16, 8pm

Script of the Day: Payola

Easily handle money transfers, business transactions, and subscription plans via Stripe using this open source library for Ruby on Rails Payola is a RoR gem for handling billing operations via the Stripe payments processing service. The library supports one-time transactions and auto-renewing subscription plans, and can handle payment operations using async calls in the application's background. Email alerts for each payment and automatic PDF receipt generation are also included, along with a customizable Stripe checkout button for your frontends. The library is a drop-in toolkit that can be added to any functional RoR project and immediately provide a way to handle money transactions without too much overhead. PS: A pro version is in the works with a few extra features. Stay tuned for more details.

Full article: http://webscripts.softpedia.com/script/E-Commerce/Billing...