26 Sep '16, 7am

Meme generator tool

× The Ruby and Rails community linklog Made a library? Written a blog post? Found a useful tutorial? Share it with the Ruby community here or just enjoy what everyone else has found! Meme generator tool by Darya Kuritsyna — Today Hi , guys, look at our meme maker tool, based on Twitter streaming API https://crossava.com/ This is cross-platform project for creating memes in Twitter posts, change Twitter Avatar or Banners just by means #hashtags Post a comment You can use basic HTML markup (e.g. <a>) or Markdown. Authenticate with GitHub As you are not logged in, you will be directed via GitHub to signup or sign in

Full article: http://www.rubyflow.com/p/wguk21-meme-generator-tool


3D-Micromac’s ‘microCELL’ TLS solar cell cuttin...

pv-tech.org 26 Sep '16, 11am

3D-Micromac‘s microCELL TLS enables an ablation free process that its designed to provide the edge quality needed in volum...